Wet Pan/Figure 8

The Wet Surface Skid Pan and the Dry surface Figure 8 will be open from 11 am to 7 pm on the 28th and 29th of December at the festival of Jap & Euro cars. These events are designed for enthusiasts to practice the basics which we call drift training in a closed and controlled environment, held on set tracks at Eastern Creek Raceway/ Sydney Motor Sport Park venue. We encourage our members and new comers to participate as it assists them in learning car control and car dynamics on various road surfaces and conditions.

Please note, Events where we are running both the skid pan and figure 8. You can do some of both tracks but please book for the track you will be on most.

Wet Skid Pan

Track type: Wet
Track surface: 
Track shape: Peanut shape, outlined by witches hats
Drive direction: Clockwise
Number of cars on track: 4 cars on track
Duration: 4 minute rounds

Dry Figure 8

Track type: Dry
Track surface: 
Track shape: Figure 8
Drive direction: Clockwise
Number of cars on track: 4 cars on track
Duration: 4 minute rounds


Green – Commence session
Yellow – Caution (car has spun )
Red – End of session
Black –  Single car leave session immediately and return to pits.

Scrutineering Requirements



  • No oil or fuel leaks.
  • All wheel nuts must be fitted and tightened.
  • No loose or sharp items in cabin. Cars must be presented for scrutineering clear of loose items.
  • Cars must have all exterior body panels on and bolted securely. Exceptions are made for front and/or rear panels.
  • Front windscreen must not have cracks that obscure the drivers vision.
  • Seats must be mounted tightly with all correct bolts fitted.
  • No tears, fraying or damage to the seat belt webbing.
  • Oil catch cans must be able to contain hot oil safely. Plastic soft drink bottles or tinned cans are not an option. Oil catch cans must be 2 litres or greater. Registered vehicles do not require a catch can if fitted with the standard engine breather system.
  • The fire wall must be completely sealed (no holes) from the engine bay to the drivers compartment.


  • Front and rear hazard lights must be operational.
  • All vehicles participating in night events must have operational front headlights.
  • Brake lights must be operational.


  • All four brakes must be operational from the foot brake pedal.


  • Battery must be firmly clamped and in a sealed compartment box or fitted within the passenger compartment (cable ties are not acceptable).


  • Exhaust system must end outside the perimeter of the bodywork. No exhausts are to finish underneath the vehicle.
  • Exhausts must not protrude more than 100mm past the perimeter of the rear of the vehicle.
  • No exhausts to exit upwards through the bonnet waste gate/screamer pipes may protrude through the bonnet by a maximum of 20mm.


  • All fuel system components must be completely sealed from the passenger compartment.


  • Cars running external wastegate need to ensure the wastegate exists away from any flammable materials
  •  The maximum vehicle noise emitted must not exceed 95dB (measured at a point 30 metres from the track edge).

Fire extinguishers

  • Must be securely attached with screws and bolts.
  • Not required for wet pan events.



  • Must conform with the:
    • Australian Standard: AS1698
    • USA standard: Snell SA95, M9 SA95, SA2005
    • ECE 22 (with 03, 04 or 05 amendments)
  • For open vehicles, a closed face helmet with a visor down is compulsory.


  • Drivers and passengers must wear non flammable long sleeve clothing that covers neck to wrist to ankles.
  • Fully enclosed footwear made from non flammable materials must be worn.