Entry Info

Day 1: Saturday 28th December

  • North circuit drifting
  • South circuit drifting
  • Figure 8
  • Skid pan
  • 11 am to 7 pm
  • Maximum number of entries is 75

Day 2: Sunday 29th December

  • South circuit drifting,
  • Figure 8
  • Skid pan
  • From 11 am to 7 pm
  • Maximum number of entries is 60 per day

We will be doing continuous laps of the North circuit while drifting all turns bar turn 1 and the main straight.

South circuit will be drifting the competition layout, starting from the straight drifting through turns 6,7,8,9.
Figure 8.
Skid pan.
From 11 am to 7 pm.

Entries open 29th September 2019. Entry Price is 450 for north circuit capped at 75 entries. Entrants will get a shared garage. If not sold out entries after November 29th will be 500 with shared garage.

As the North circuit is not for beginners if you are unsure if you should enter please email admin@drivingsports.com.au
If you do enter the north circuit and can not control the car you will be moved to the figure 8.

South Circuit Entry Price is $300 for 1 day or $500 for 2 days capped at 60 entries per day. Entrants for the south circuit will not have a garage and should bring a pop up marquee and way to secure the marquee in case of wind. Entries after November 29th will be + $50 if not sold out before.

If you would like to enter for the north circuit on the 28th December and south circuit on the 29th December the total cost will be $700 before the 29th of November. Which breaks down as $450 for the north circuit and $250 for the south circuit. If booking and paid after 29th November the cost will be $750 total.

We are hard on scrutineering rules so please take note of the scrutiny list which is on be on the website. If you enter and do not pass at the event you will not be refunded. The scrutiny list is on the North and South pages if you have any questions please contact us.

You can bring your car to be pre-checked or bring detailed photos to go over anything you are not sure of to any driving sports event to be pre-checked.

Your car does not have to be a big dollar car however it must be a safe car.
You do not have to be a pro driver but you must be a clean driver as dirt dropping is a NOT allowed at this circuit.

If you do drop off badly or show you are not in control you may be sent to the South circuit or figure 8 until you can display car control.

Entry cost and options

  • North 28th , South 29th 2 days $700
  • South 28th South 29th  2 days $500
  • North 28th 1 day $450
  • South 28th 1 day $300
  • South 29th 1 day $300
  • Skid pan 28th, 29th 2 days $260
  • Figure 8 28th, 29th 2 days $260
  • Skid pan 28th 1 day $140 members $180 non members
  • Figure 8 28th 1 day $140 members $180 non members
  • Skid pan 29th 1 day $140 members $180 non members
  • Figure 8 29th 1 day $140 members $180 non members  

If you enter the north circuit you have access to all circuits.
If you enter the south circuit you have access to south, skid pan and figure 8. If you enter skid pan or figure 8 you have access to the skid pan and figure 8. If booking for skid pan and figure 8 please book for the track you will be on most.

If you have questions please email info@festivalofjapeurocars.com.au